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MasterClasses, Instructional /Learning Design, & Curriculum Writing

"Done for You" Masterclass Online Course, Hybrid Blended Courses, or Virtual Workshop. 
Full build-out, development, and content creation.
Includes Project Management Plans, Step-By-Step Curriculum Guide, and Sustainability Plan.

Reliable learning theories such as ADDIE, Blooms Taxonomy, and various systems thinking is implemented to design pedagogically grounded learning solutions to address your specific needs resulting in an interactive e-learning course for your project. Includes option of hosting of course on our learning management system or one your own desired LMS.


Learning Management Hosting

option of hosting of course on our learning management system or one your own desired LMS.

Content Curation

Comprehensive discovery, gathering, and creativity are conducted to take away the stress of finding material and provide optimal engagement to your project. Ask us about our blogging services.

Step-By-Step Curriculum Guide

Whether you are starting from scratch with a great idea, or have a few subjects in mind. Our step-by-step curriculum guide is your go-to resource to make your course something students will enjoy and memorable. It will be an essential tool to help guide you through your lessons and support your students as they learn. Includes grading rubric!

Sustainability Plan

As a part of your course, you will receive helpful tips for how to make the most out of your learning experience. Once the course is completed, your sustainability plan will assist you in any future challenges. Our main goal is to be there for you as your partner throughout the entire learning process.

Instructor-led online course example 

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