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I have completed numerous projects involving the development of eLearning and instructional design. Therefore, I have dedicated this page exclusively to showcase those projects. The primary software I utilized for authoring these eLearning modules is Articulate Storyline and Rise 360. As you peruse a selection of my examples, you will notice the incorporation of additional resources aimed at enhancing the overall user experience. Enjoy!



URAC Compliance

Mandatory Associate Course

URAC is a Washington, DC-based non-profit organization that offers accreditation to entities involved in medical care services. This accreditation holds significant prestige within the healthcare sector. To maintain this accreditation, associates undergo accreditation reviews every three years. In the context of this project, I successfully converted traditionally mundane information into an engaging and interactive eLearning module using Rise. Furthermore, to sustain engagement and motivation post-course completion, I innovatively utilized Rise to create an accompanying PDF Study guide featuring interactive flashcards. You can explore this resource below under supporting materials.

Software used :  Articulate Rise 360, Canva, Adobe Acrobat

Supporting materials: W.I.N.K. (What I Need to know Study Guides) Click here to view

Medical Software Tutorial

Interactive software tutorial

This eLearning module was designed to enhance the skills of nurses in utilizing a new software for remote patient monitoring. Collaborating closely with a Clinical Educator who served as the subject matter expert, I developed this course predominantly in Rise 360. I integrated customized simulations created in Articulate 360 to enhance the learning experience. To further augment visual appeal, I employed a tool called Colorize to infuse vibrancy into the main images.

Software Used: Rise  360, Storyline 360, Colorize


"Hands On" Software Simulation

tutorial for a medical messaging software

We are all aware that the most effective way to grasp a skill is through practical experience. However, even after training, associates often require ongoing practice to truly master what they have learned. Consequently, I developed a risk-free, hands-on simulation specifically for remote nurses. This simulation allows them to practice using Perfect Serve, a clinical communication and collaboration platform. The aim is to instill confidence in incorporating this software seamlessly into their daily routines.

Software Used: Articulate 360, Canva, Photoshop

Interactive Video

"Sweater Surprise"
Interactive eLearning Video 

Undoubtedly, the most effective learning occurs when one can both observe and actively engage. How can we achieve this dual approach within a single learning session? The answer lies in an interactive video! In this eLearning initiative, I strategically designed an interactive video using Vyond to narrate the storyline and enhance the overall user experience. Emphasizing practical application on the job, I introduced a complementary resource – a "No Judgement Zone" of risk-free practice created through Rise 360. Learners gain access to this secure practice area upon the successful completion of the eLearning, and you can explore this additional resource in the supporting materials below.

Software Used: Vyond, Storyline 360, Rise 360, Pexels

Supporting materials: Risk free Practice area using Rise 360 check it out here!

Culture Learning Game

Associate Engagement DE&I Initiative

Who says learning can't be fun? The holidays provide an excellent opportunity to not only celebrate with family but also to acknowledge the diverse cultures that contribute to the rich tapestry of our global community and, by extension, our workplace culture. Recognizing these truths, I decided to infuse a bit of enjoyment into the learning experience. As a result, I created and presented an interactive game centered around the theme of "Around the World." This game not only adds an element of fun but also aligns with the organization's commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Enjoy the experience!

Software Used: Storyline 360

Software Simulation

Microsoft OneNote Software Simulation

n most organizations, associates engage with a multitude of software applications on a daily basis. For both new and existing associates, navigating this array of tools can be a daunting task. In response, I leveraged my video editing skills along with Storyline to create a comprehensive and engaging tutorial focused on the utilization of Microsoft OneNote. This eLearning initiative aims to facilitate a smoother onboarding process and enhance the overall proficiency of associates in utilizing this software effectively.

Software Used: Storyline, Camtasia

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