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5 Tips On How To Create A Professional Speaker Bio Online: Templates Included!

Updated: Nov 30, 2020


So the day has finally come, your sitting in front of your computer or mobile device and you are daunted with the task of writing your own professional biography online for the world to see...

Exciting right?

Well maybe not so much, but not to fret you are not alone and it's completely common AND normal to feel a bit awkward, actually let's be honest perhaps down right intimidated about writing your own bio.

The key to writing a quality professional bio online is a delicate balance of not coming off to boring or egotistical, but at the same time not selling yourself short. Now that you are here you can pretty much check that 'to do task' off because below are 5 essential tips for writing a perfect bio online and included are free template examples:

Tip #1 : Understand the audience you are writing for

To bring things relevant and in perspective, assume the audience you are writing to is primarily Generation Z aka "the Tik Tok generation". Unlike writing to speak in front of a national conference, you want to keep it simple, short and concise.

Tip #2 : Write in third person, just do it

Not only does it sound more professional, you will lessen the chance of coming off as being egotistical.

Tip #3 : Tell your unique story

Part of being a speaker or mentor is the fact that you are someone that other people can look up to and feel inspired by. The best way to do this is to connect the dots from where you been to where you are today in the most simple and concise way.

Tip #4 : Add a sprinkle of something special

Despite all the glitz and glam of media today, it's still human nature to want to learn from other humans. By adding a sprinkle of who you "really are" personally allows more relatability between the reader and yourself. The best kind of personal information to give should be something that reveals how you became who you are today.

For example, think of a time when there was a very thin line between work and play. What compelled you the most before you realized your true personality? Another example could be something like before you became a fitness expert did you always enjoy racing all of your friends and neighbors as a kid? Think back as far and as relevant as you can remember.

Tip #5 : Put it into action, with a concentration on action verbs

If you are speaking about it be about it! Motivation and action go hand in hand, if you are a specialist or expert readers will want to be able to "see" action from what they are reading. For example, instead of saying "Mary Davis is a experienced motivational speaker." You want to say "Mary Davis an experienced motivational speaker, known for educating youth in the community..." The latter is more powerful than just simply listing a job title.

Below are a few short bio templates:

Template 1

[NAME] is an experienced ____, ____, and ____. Driven by ____, he/she takes pride in providing the best ____ possible. As a [ENTER JOB TITLE HERE], his/her goals include ____, ____, and ____. In addition to his/her primary job functions, [NAME] has been recognized by ____ for his/her extraordinary commitment to ____.

Template 2

[NAME]'s passion for ____ can be traced back to ____, where he/she spent significant time working on ____ and ____. As a ____, he/she specializes in ____, ____, and ____.

Template 3

[NAME] has worked in the ____ industry for ____ years, gaining experience in ____, ____. ____. and ____. As a seasoned [ENTER JOB TITLE HERE], he/she is passionate about advancing ____ and ____. In addition to ____, he/she is also involved in ____ and ____. Outside of the office, [NAME] enjoys ____, ____, and ____.

Template 4

A pioneer in the ____ space, [NAME] is the [JOB TITLE] at [CURRENT COMPANY]. He/she started his/her career as the [JOB TITLE] at [PREVIOUS COMPANY], before moving on to do ____ at [PREVIOUS COMPANY]. Driven by a mission to ____, [NAME] is best known for inspiring ____ to ____.

Template 5

[NAME] began his/her career with [COMPANY], gaining unparalleled experience in the ____ space, while also establishing himself/herself as a respected ____. Currently working as a [JOB TITLE] for [COMPANY], [NAME] is widely known for his/her ____, ____, and ____ expertise. While his/her speaking engagements have taken him/her around the world, [NAME] is proud to call [LOCATION] home.

Here is a real life example of one of the templates above:

Sarah Jackson began her career as CEO of a grassroots Gaming/Entertainment company, gaining unparalleled experience in advertising space, while also establishing herself as a respected Social Media Influencer. Currently working for herself as a freelancer, Sarah Jackson is widely known for her online curriculum and social media expertise. While her speaking engagements have taken her around the East Coast Sarah Jackson is proud to call Maryland home.

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