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We have worked with a diverse set of clients, effectively discovering each client's need through our learning design method build around the design thinking process of; Research, Defining Needs, Ideation/Prototyping, Creating Solutions, and Testing.

 To learn more about the LNJ Learning design philosophy and methods click here.

Select Clients

IBIA Logo 2020 Niecee.png

I Believe I Am, Inc.

Nonprofit organization

I Believe I Am, Inc., is a non-profit organization focused on helping young ladies "Draw their inner beauty to the SURFace" using four pillars: Self-Love, Unity, Resilience, and Financial Freedom. The goal of this client's project was to help African American girls in high school develop into confident women who can positively impact their families, communities, and future generations. 

Services Used: eLearning, Website Design, Social Media, Document Design

Shannon Owens.jpg

Coach Shannon Owens, PDC

Personal Development And Emotional Intelligence Life Coach

Coach Shannon Owens is a three-time author and experienced life and emotional intelligence coach. Her goal for this project was to create an online course  molded after her book "Know Your Worth Pri$less".

Services Used: eLearning, Website Design, Social Media, Document Design, LNJ Program Management

Facebook Profile Picture.png

Tazamach Homeschooling Academy

virtual homeschooling & online adult education 

Dr. Nawah Banyamyan is the founder of Tazamach Homeschool Academy and has been an educator for over 16 years. Tazamach H.S. Academy is a virtual homeschool made for Black, Hispanic and Native Hebrew Israelites. Her goal for this project was to create video based curriculum for parents to homeschool their children and build awareness for her brand.

Services Used: eLearning, Website Design, Social Media


Abby Glassberg

commercial REAL ESTATE

Abby Glassberg is a Principal for KLNB Commercial Real Estate in Columbia, Maryland, and has over 30 years of commercial real estate experience in Maryland. The goal of her project is to define herself as a "Solo-Entrepreneur" in order to build herself as a brand.

Services Used: Website Design, Social Media

New Whipped Holistics logo Transparent.png


Whipped Holistics is a beauty & skincare company that specializes in all-natural vegan cruelty-free and organic body butters, soaps, candles, and more! What is extra special about their products is that have great smelling aromas and cool colors that are all-natural.

Services Used: Website Design, Social Media, Document Design 


Community Center & Event Hall

 Village Commons Community Center offers a large 8,000 square foot space that can accommodate parties of up to 250 people. Located in Gambrills, Maryland.

Services Used: Website Design, Social Media, Document Design 

Beige Elegant Calligraphy Monogram  Initials logo.png

Personal Vegan Food Vlog/Blog

A to Z vegan, is a blog/vlog following the home-cooked variety of meals made by Kevin Smartt, a self-taught vegan chef, inspired by his Caribbean roots.

Services Used: Website Design, Social Media, Document Design, LNJ Learning Program Management 

Personal Projects

Project 1 Stronger Women Image.png

Stronger Women at Work is a four-part series eLearning course I created in graduate school. Which focuses on emotions and emotional intelligence for women in the workplace.

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