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IBIA Teaches Young Women About Unity

Part of a series of 4 steps; Self-Love, Unity, Financial Freedom, and Resilience (SURF) in an effort to lead young women through self- empowerment and completion of the IBIA course.


I worked with the subject matter expert who is the founder of IBIA, to create an educational module to support the company IBIA initiative  on empowering young women aged between the ages of 14 and 24. The module is designed  in a way in which Generation Z prefers to use technology, which is anything that is modern looking and can inform them in the least  amount of time.  


I was the sole contributor for this awesome project! With idea direction from the SME, I developed all preliminary steps including but not limited to research and analysis of the instructional issue, scope of work, project management guidelines, and prototype development.  

Tools used for this project: Articulate 360, Photoshop.

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