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Project Overview

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I Believe I Am, Inc.

Nonprofit organization

 Project Created: A 6-month Micro-Learning Course geared to Generation Z women.

The background and scope development

The Background

My client, Niecee Bellard-Brunston, is the President and Founder of I Believe I Am, Inc., a non-profit organization focused on empowering young African American ladies by "Draw their inner beauty to the SURFace", approached me to help build a creative solution to help the girls in her scholarship cohort understand her organization's four pillars of empowerment for women which are: Self-Love, Unity, Resilience, and Financial Freedom.

I was provided the definition of each of her pillars, and a verbalization from  Ms. Bellard-Brunston of what she ultimately wanted the girls to walk away with from this course which was a well -thought personalized mission of how they could empower themselves and their community as they journey into adulthood.


Working mostly autonomously and using Ms. Bellard-Brusnton and her group of Mentors as subject matter experts the accomplished goal of this client's project was to help African American girls in high school get lifelong skills that will empower them to be confident women who can positively impact their families, communities, and future generations. The work that proceeded was guided by the scope of work that was created below is an example of the scope of work that was created for one of her four pillars "Unity"

Scope Of Work -Unity Segment

IBIA Scope picture.jpg

The project

The Work

Ultimately, what was created for Ms. Bellard-Brunston was a six-month micro-learning course that was comprised of four courses named after her four pillars (Self-love, Unity, Resilience, and Financial Freedom) "SURF", each of which had three modules that incorporated weekly instructor-led zoom lessons. Learners were able to have a unique balance of face-to-face zoom calls, social media time, and a more traditional online learning experience with knowledge checks and multiple-choice questions.


This type of setup proved to be extremely ideal for the demographic of students taking part who were all a part of Generation Z. Check out the satisfaction survey results given to the  learners after taking Self-love and Unity Pillar:

Self-Love Survey Results

Unity Survey Results





Thus, using our client's goal of incorporating her four pillars as described previously, a complete course curriculum was created, which included various deliverables on social media and guided zoom calls in which scripts were created by us. The main learning theories and methods used were Gagné's Nine Events of Instruction, Bloom's Taxonomy, and Adaptive Learning.


Below are some examples of the flowcharts, zoom call scripts, deliverables, and modules taken online
Results Provided by

Online Module Examples

Curriculum Flow Chart Examples

Zoom Script Examples

Software used in this project:
Articulate Storyline
InShot Video editor


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