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LNJ Learning, LLC is an active learning design company that collaborates with customers in their digital transformation journey and instructors with blended learning content.


Company Mission

Our mission is to deliver learning experiences that match customer needs, deliver high-impact learning solutions, and deliver ROI for the learner, business, and organization.

Learning Technologies

LNJ Learning, LLC is uniquely equipped to create the right mix of eLearning that primary involves instructional led as well as virtual instructional led training. Advancing with technology, LNJ uses both legacy learning management platforms, modern social media platforms, and in-house designed websites to build custom learning experiences.

How it started

LNJ Learning, LLC was founded by

Sarah A. Jackson in 2019.


"LNJ" are the initials of her daughter who was born the same year the company was founded.

Ms. Jackson has a diverse background in advertising, graphic design, and instructional design, and holds a bachelor of science in Advertising from the Art Institute, and a Masters degree in Instructional/Learning Design from the University of Maryland.




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